Portable ultrasound Chison Eco 5

Color portable ultrasound system with Doppler Mode. ECO-5 is the udrade of ECO3-expert system including color doppler. ECO5 is an affordable solution that also includes algorithms like SRA,THI, i-Image, Compound Imaging for advanced image quality. The latest technology of Multiple Beam Forming increasing spatial resolution is also included. It is designed in order to be easy-to-use with ergonomic design. Includes 12” LED monitor, 2 probe connectors and high speed USB ports. There is an option of DICOM connectivity (via LAN cable). HCU (Hand Carried Unit) with high portability due to lightweight platform. Includes built-in battery (2 hours). Connection possibility with all type of probes: Convex, Micro-Convex, Linear and Vaginal-Endocavity.

Ultrasound specifications :

  • New digital platform.

  • Updated software with easy to use workflow.
  • Imaging modes: 2D, 2B (dual images), 4B (quad images), M-mode and B/M-mode, Power Doppler, Color Flow, Pulse Wave Doppler (PW)
  • THI - Tissue Harmonic Imaging.
  • SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm).
  • Compound Imaging.
  • AIO - one touch button (Adaptive image optimization).
  • I-image (adaptive image optimization).
  • Trapezoid image.
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard.
  • Back light keyboard.
  • Zoom - 4 levels.
  • Scanning depth 24cm max.
  • 2 probe connectors.
  • Multiple frequency transducers (2.5 Μhz-11Mhz) depending on the type of transducer and the type of the exam.
  • Lightweight transducers (Makes Scan Easy and Fast) with enhanced case for protection from accidents.
  • Availiable biopsy kit.
  • 12” LED monitor.
  • Monitor angle 0o to 30o.
  • Archive Managements (Patient information management, patient images record and export, patient exam report).
  • Measurement software packages for all medical Applications.
  • Cineloop.
  • Adjust focus number / position.
  • Annotation.
  • Arrow - bodymark.
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports.
  • STC (Segmant Tissue Control).
  • VGA port.
  • BNC port.
  • Foot switch port.
  • LAN port (network).
  • Connection with thermal Printer or A4 printer.
  • Print report in A4 paper, including patient information,images, measurements and diagnosis.
  • Chison trolley availiable.
  • Chison carring bag availiable for transportation.
  • Built-in battery and external charger 220V.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Factory Warranty.

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