Lung ultrasound protocol using Alpinion Systems

Lung ultrasound protocol for COVID-19 Pneumonia 04-2020

Due to the recent worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, great attention is being focused on the efficacy of  ultrasonography in diagnosing COVID-19 pneumonia patients as well as managing severe cases of COVID-19.
With this current situation, as a partner of healthcare providers, Ippocratis S.A. Medical Equipmewnt and ALPINION learns more about lung ultrasound.

How to Scan Lung Ultrasound(LUS)

How to View

Key findings of LUS for the diagnosis of pneumonia

• Thickening of the pleural line with irregularity

• B-line is a variety of patterns
• Consolidations in a variety of patterns

Lung Ultrasound images and potential diseases 

Benefits of ultrasound examinations

• Unlike X-ray or CT, there will be no radiation exposure.
• There is no space limitation since patients can immediately be scanned in their beds or at clinics.
• Speedy and timely diagnosis from imaging to reading is possible.
• When managing infected patients, the patients' progress can be easily checked through repeated exam.
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